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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Breaking News" virus emails

People receiving an e-mail with a subject line starting with

msnbc.com - BREAKING NEWS: ... :
CNN Daily Top 10
My CNN Alert
or ANYTHING similar to the above

should refrain from clicking on any of the links within the message, or allowing any software or downloaded components to install from the linked web site.

If you have received the message, but have not clicked on any links within it, or allowed something from the linked web site to install or run on your computer, you can just delete the message. No further action is necessary.

If you have visited one of the web sites referred to in the message and allowed something to install or run from the web site, right click on the red shield with the white "M" in the lower right of your computer, choose Scan Tasks, Scan My Computer. Allow the scan to run till it is completed.

REMINDER: The UPS virus and airline virus are also still circulating - do not open attachments pretending to be from UPS or an airline.

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