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Monday, December 13, 2010

Beware of "Free Public WiFi"

Frequent wireless Internet (WiFi) users are being warned to never click on the network "Free Public WiFi". It's not actually free wireless, but a rogue network that can lead to the infiltration of a system by hackers. I’ve seen it in airports and various places around town.

"Free Public WiFi" is not the kind of network that will provide access to the web, but is instead a network that will link you up to another person’s PC. By signing on to this connection, you are inviting a hacker into your system.

This problem was allowed to spread by taking advantage of a Windows XP flaw that wasn't fixed until Service Pack 3.

So – if you have Windows XP, make sure to do your updates and especially make sure you are updated to Service Pack 3. Or upgrade to Windows 7. But for sure, don't click on “Free Public WiFi” when you find it in your network options in a public place.

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