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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brand-jacking – another new email threat!

A new e-mail spam campaign is circulating, “brand-jacking” Best Buy, Chase, Macy’s, Target.com and Evite. Isn't “brand-jacking” a great, self-explanatory word?

Sample subjects include:

  • Thank you for scheduling your online payment”

  • Thank you for your payment”

  • Thanks for planning your event with Evite”

  • Your Target.com order has been shipped”

  • Thank You, Your Anti-Virus Protection Plan has been renewed”

This campaign is directly related to last month’s malicious Amazon emails, and attempts to steal your credit card info, or log-on info for various websites, where you might be storing credit card details.

If you receive an email like this, don't click on the links in the email! If you think there might be any truth to the order or payment, or whatever it is telling you, independently log on to the actual website in question – through your browser, NOT through your email. There you can verify if there's anything going on that might concern your account.

AND...keep all your programs (Microsoft Office, Adobe programs, etc), browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) and Windows up to date all the time! Many of those updates are released to specifically close the vulnerabilities targeted by those emails.


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