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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tips for Faster Web Browsing

Use a fast browser

Some browsers are faster than others. The top speed in current browsers currently belongs to Google Chrome. The new version of Internet Explorer, IE9, is just about as fast but only available to users of Windows 7 (good thing since we couldn't use IE7 with Windows 7, and using version 8 was like trying to run through mud). Firefox is still dependable – slower than Chrome, faster than Internet Explorer except for version 9.

Get rid of those toolbars

One of the first things I do when tuning up someone's computer is to uninstall all those toolbars in the browser. Everyone seems to add a toolbar to their service – and you have to look very carefully to stop it from installing when you update a program. Seriously, sometimes there are so many toolbars you can barely see the browser window. Go to your Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs (or just Programs in Vista & 7), and uninstall all those toolbars. Have you ever used them?

Use tabs, not windows

Too many tabs will still slow you down, but they are much more efficient than separate windows for every web page you are using. They are more organized, save time searching for the correct page, and in some browsers are actually physically faster.


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